Bachmann Receives Endorsements from Iowa State Representatives Mark Brandenburg and Betty De Boef

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August 9, 2011

Sioux City, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced today she has received the endorsements of Iowa State Representatives Mark Brandenburg and Betty De Boef. This comes on the heels of an endorsement from former Iowa Family Leader Chairman Danny Carroll, just days before the all-important Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday.

Representative Mark Brandenburg is a first-term Iowa State Representative for District 100 in Council Bluffs. He is retired from the Omaha Public Power District and is a former college educator.

"I've heard Congresswoman Bachmann speak several times and have been impressed with her from the very beginning," Rep. Brandenburg said. "With the tremendous drop in the stock market, we need a fiscal conservative like her who will get the job done."

Representative Betty De Boef is a six-term legislator, representing District 76, from What Cheer.

"Michele's view on social issues lines up with my own," Rep. De Boef said. "I'm impressed with the fact that the Congresswoman stands firm and will not back down when the pressure is on."

"It is an honor to receive the support and endorsements from Representatives Brandenburg and De Boef who are strong leaders in Iowa," Bachmann said. "We share views on faith and family, in our pro-life stance, and on fiscal responsibility, and we agree that we need a principled leader in the White House in order to get our country back on track."


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