Bachmann Releases Third Television Advertisement Titled "Believe It"

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August 3, 2011

Urbandale, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced today the launch of a third television ad entitled "Believe It" which airs statewide in Iowa beginning on Wednesday, August 3, 2011.

The ad refers to the Obama administration's policies that have driven our economy into a ditch while highlighting Bachmann's commitment to voting against the debt limit. Bachmann also encourages viewers to join Team Bachmann at the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll in Ames on August 13.

The following is text of the "Believe It" ad:

"Back in Washington, politicians are looting the treasury and bankrupting our nation. And Barack Obama has driven our economy into a ditch. Someone needs to say 'no.' I voted against raising the debt limit because it's time to balance the budget and pay down the debt. I mean it… and you can believe it. I'm Michele Bachmann, candidate for President, and I approve this message. Won't you join me here in Ames for the Straw Poll, and let's send a message to Washington."

Click here to view the "Believe It" ad.


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