Bachmann Responds to President Obama's Comments on Raising Taxes to Deal with Debt Ceiling

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July 11, 2011

Des Moines, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has issued the following response to President Obama's comments on raising taxes to deal with the debt crisis:

"The President is correct that we need to do something 'big' - but Americans want that to be big reductions in spending that put us on the path to balance and not 'big' increases in taxes and debt. The President has wrongly assumed that everyone agrees that we need to raise the debt ceiling. The American people overwhelming disagree. I disagree.

"Back in 2006, he opposed an increase in the debt ceiling, saying that to increase the debt ceiling constituted a 'a sign of leadership failure.' Well, I agree: It is a sign of leadership failure that he has failed to cut spending and control the growth of government. That's why I will not vote to increase the debt limit.

"It's obvious that he has no plan for a real economic recovery that would put Americans back to work, and instead would rather be discussing the NFL lockout or worry about whether or not we are eating our peas.

"So the President has a bottom line for any deal: higher taxes. The American people don't want a tax increase--they want an end to the Obama spending spree that has failed to reduce unemployment. His failed stimulus plan has made unemployment higher-- it is now up to 9.2 percent. The President's policies aren't working. The American people want us to focus on jobs and getting the economy growing again, and it's obvious the President doesn't have a plan to accomplish that.

"My position is clear: I will not raise taxes, I will reduce spending, and I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling."


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