Bachmann Shines in Iowa GOP Presidential Debate

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August 11, 2011

Ames, Iowa – Just days before the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann shined at the GOP Presidential Debate in Ames, Iowa. Carrying the voices of countless of voters to the debate, Bachmann shared the importance of adhering to the conservative values in which our country was founded including fiscal responsibility, strong defense and family values.

First and foremost Bachmann honed in on the importance of getting the country's fiscal house in order by saying, "The premise that we need to continue to raise the debt ceiling and spend money we don't have is the wrong premise. The American people have been asking for a very different bold vision and I was one of the leading voices against raising the debt ceiling. That's what the American people want us to do – have a balanced budget and have our spending priorities in order. "

On the repeal of Obamacare, Bachmann declared, "I'm at the tip of the spear fighting against the implantation of Obamacare in the U.S. Congress. I fought - when others ran - I fought. "

On the topic of protecting the U.S. from Iran, Bachmann stated, "As President of the United States I will do everything to ensure Iran does not become a nuclear power."

When asked about her stance on marriage, Bachmann declared, "As a Senator in Minnesota, I was the chief author of a constitutional amendment that defined marriage between one man and one woman. I have an unblemished record when it comes to this issue. "

Bachmann closed the debate by inviting voters to come to the straw poll stating, "Two days from now, here in Ames, Iowa, all of us have a chance to send a message to Washington, D.C. about what we think about Barack Obama's presidency. He got started here in Iowa. Now Iowa can bring that presidency effectively to a close. I'm inviting everyone to come out to the straw poll and let's send a message to Washington that they can't miss."


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