Barack Obama

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Barack Obama

President of the United States
Assumed office 
January 20, 2009
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Personal details
Born Barack Hussein Obama II
August 4, 1961 (1961-08-04) (age 55)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Political party Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Michelle Obama
Children Malia, Sasha
Residence White House (official)
Chicago, Illinois (private)
Alma mater Occidental College
Columbia University (Bachelor of Arts)
Harvard Law School (Juris Doctor)
Profession Community organizing
Constitutional law professor
Religion Christian

Barack Obama is the current and 44th President of the United States of America. He is a Democratic party politician and is the first African American to become the President of the USA. He is also the first president from the state of Hawaii. Barack Obama on April 4, 2011 announced his intention to run for a re-election in the 2012 Elections.

Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Barack Obama won the re-election on November 6, 2012

Barack Obama Timeline

November 2012

Barack Obama won the re-election in United States Presidential Election, 2012 defeating Republican candidate Mitt Romney

September 2012

On September 6, 2012 Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic nomination for re-election. In his nomination acceptance speech, Barack Obama thanked Joe Biden for being the best vice-president he could possibly hope for. First Lady Michelle Obama and children Malia and Sasha were among the audience.

August 2011

August 15: Barack Obama launches a three day Midwest bus tour focusing on jobs and the economy.

July 2011

July 21: President Obama's re-election campaign is making efforts to make the President's 50th birthday count for his re-election campaign. While, a fundraiser will be organized in Chicago on August 3rd, Obama's camp is making efforts to encourage those who couldn't make it to the fundraiser to host their own parties. A step-by-step guide is available on Obama's campaign website on how to host the parties. The campaign is encouraging Obama's supporters to host parties in their neighborhoods with at least 50 members, at a quiet and focused place to talk and organize.

July 20: President Obama gives a blunt assessment saying that he will lose if people don't think he is working hard on their side. Speaking in a television interview, Obama says that the next year's presidential election is a referendum on his leadership rather than a choice between him and his GOP opponent. “That’s not to say that the other candidate is irrelevant, but it does mean that I’m probably going to win or lose depending on their assessment of my stewardship.”

“They don’t expect everything to be solved overnight, They do expect that their president’s going to be thinking about them every single day and going to be focused on how do we win the future.”
“And if next November they feel like I’ve been on their side and I’ve been working as hard as I can and have been getting some things done to move us in the right direction, I’ll win. If they don’t, then I’ll lose.”

July 15: Barack Obama says that he is confident of getting re-elected in the 2012 Presidential Election. During a discussion of the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling impasse, he said:

"There will be huge differences between now and November 2012 between the parties,"
"And whoever the Republican nominee is, we're going to have a big, serious debate about what we believe is the right way to guide America forward and to win the future. And I'm confident that I will win that debate, because I think that we've got the better approach. But in the meantime, surely we can, every once in a while, sit down and actually do something that helps the American people right here and right now."

July 13: Barack Obama's re-election presidential campaign has raised $86 million in the second quarter of 2011. It gives a huge advantage to the President for his reelection over his Republican contenders who combined brought in only $35 million so far. In a video posted by his campaign manager Jim Messina, Obama's reelection campaign has raised $47 million and the Democratic National Committee brought in $38 million in the second quarter. This exceeded the camp's public goal to achieve $60 million. More on this...

July 6: Senior Advisor to the President Barack Obama David Plouffe said that the 2012 Election will be very competitive. "It's going to be a very close, competitive election … a street fight for the presidency,".

July 4: Barack Obama and his family celebrates Independence Day barbecue at the White House.

Barack Obama receives endorsement from the National Education Association for reelection as President. In an announcement, Dennis Van Roekel, president of NEA said “President Barack Obama shares our vision for a stronger America. He has never wavered from talking about the importance of education or his dedication to a vibrant middle class."

July 1: A tweet from Barack Obama's presidential camp says that they have reached almost half a million donors. The official Twitter account for the Obama 2012 campaign tweeted “As of midnight, we’re closing the books on the first chapter of this campaign-with 493,697 donors. Thank you.”

June 2011

June 30: Barack Obama will visit Philadelphia to attend a fundraisers at a Center City hotel and at a private home. The fundraisers were expected to earn $2.5 million for his re-election campaign.

June 28: Priorities USA, a fundraising group supporting President Barack Obama’s would spend $750,000 to run ads on cable television for two weeks in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Virginia. In the ads, they accuse Republicans for blocking progress on the economy.

June 27: Barack Obama's campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt speaks about Michele Bachmann.

“Congresswoman Bachmann talks about reclaiming the American Dream but her policies would erode the path to prosperity for middle class families. She voted for a budget plan that would extend tax cuts for the richest Americans on the backs of seniors and the middle class while ending Medicare as we know it. Congresswoman Bachmann introduced legislation to repeal Wall Street oversight – risking a repeat of the financial crisis -- and while she voted to preserve subsidies for oil and gas companies she opposes making the investments necessary to enhance America’s competitiveness and create the jobs of the future.”

June 24: President Barack Obama speaks at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He predicts that US will see best production days soon. After the speech, he went on a tour through the National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon.

“We are inventors, we are makers, and we are doers. If we want a robust growing economy, we need a robust manufacturing sector,”

June 23: President Obama says that troops in Afghanistan will not be withdrawn precipitously. Obama visited the Fort Drum in New York. While speaking at FortDrum, President Obama was confused and referred to one Medal of Honor recipient who was killed in combat in Afghanistan as being alive.

“First time I saw the 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously,”

June 22: President Barack Obama made a prime-time speech announcing that he is withdrawing 33,000 American troops from Afghanistan.

Barack Obama Calendar (2012 campaign)

Date Time Event Location
June 23, 2011 Speaking at the LGBT gala New York City, New York
June 23, 2011 Fundraiser co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg New York City, New York


The following are some of the popular donors who have donated to President Obama's re-election campaign for the 2012 Presidential Election.

  • George Clooney - Movie Star
  • Michael Douglas - Movie Star
  • Sharon Stone - Movie Star
  • Michael Keaton - Movie Star
  • Tom Hanks & his wife Rita Wilson - Movie Star
  • Steven Spielberg & his wife - Filmmaker
  • Kate Capshaw - Actress
  • Jennifer Garner - Movie Star
  • Gwyneth Paltrow - Movie Star
  • Alec Baldwin - Actor
  • Tony Shalhoub - Actor
  • Jane Lynch - Actress
  • Dennis Haysbert - Actor
  • Scott Bakula - Actor
  • Richard Dean Anderson - Actor
  • Will Ferrell - Comedian
  • Carl Reiner - Comedian
  • Andy Spahn - Hollywood insider
  • Ari Emanuel - Hollywood insider
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg - Hollywood mogul
  • Spahn - Entertainment consultant
  • Katzenberg - Hollywood mogul, DreamWorks Animation CEO
  • Vanessa Williams - Actor
  • Anthony Edwards - Actor
  • John Cho - Actor
  • Jennifer Morrison - Actor
  • Christa Miller - Actor
  • Brenda Strong - Actor
  • Wayne Wilderson - Actor
  • Orin Kramer - Hedge fund manager
  • Blair Effron - Hedge fund manager
  • Andres W. Lopez - Puerto Rico lawyer, Law school classmate of Obama
  • Andy Spahn - Close friend of Obama, consultant to Steven Spielberg
  • Anna Wintour - Editor of Vogue
  • Jon S. Corzine - Former New Jersey Governor
  • Marc Benioff - Chairman of
  • Michael Kempner - President of MWW Group

Barack Obama announces troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

President Barack Obama made a prime-time speech announcing that he is bringing back some of the US troops from Afghanistan. A recent Pew Research poll on June 21 showed that a record 56% of Americans wants their troops out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. Obama said that 5,000 US troops will be out of Afghanistan by this summer, another 5,000 by the year end and the rest of 33,000 by end of next summer. At the end of the proposed troop withdrawls, nearly 66,000 troops will still be in Afghanistan. The 14-minute address by President Obama was delivered from the White House's East Room. Obama said that America and its allies have succeeded in denying Al Qaeda a safe haven in Afghanistan.

“We are starting this drawdown from a position of strength, Al Qaeda is under more pressure than at any time since 9/11.”

President Obama said that it is time to do nation-building at home.

“We have spent a trillion dollars on war, at a time of rising debt and hard economic times. America, it is time to focus on nation-building here at home,”

Barack Obama also mentioned the death of Osama Bin Laden six times in his speech.

“Thanks to our intelligence professionals and special forces, we killed Osama bin Laden, the only leader that Al Qaeda had ever known. We have put Al Qaeda on a path to defeat, and we will not relent until the job is done. When threatened, we must respond with force — but when that force can be targeted, we need not deploy large armies overseas. When innocents are being slaughtered and global security endangered, we don’t have to choose between standing idly by or acting on our own. Instead, we must rally international action, which we are doing in Libya, where we do not have a single soldier on the ground, but are supporting allies in protecting the Libyan people and giving them the chance to determine their destiny.


Sen. Lindsey Graham:

“Petraeus loses. Biden wins, I think we’ve undercut a strategy that was working. Having all the surged forces leave by next summer is going to compromise next summer’s fighting season.”

Speaker John Boehner:

“Succeeding in Afghanistan – and preventing al Qaeda and the Taliban from using the country as a safe haven from which to launch attacks on the U.S. and our allies – is critically important to the safety and security of our country. While the conditions remain difficult, the counterinsurgency strategy implemented by General Petraeus has made significant improvements in security on the ground and allowed the Afghan government to start making progress in meeting the needs of the Afghan people. We all want to bring our troops home as quickly as possible, but we must ensure that the gains we’ve made are not jeopardized.
“I am pleased the President recognizes that success in Afghanistan is paramount. Continuing to degrade al Qaeda’s capabilities in Afghanistan and the surrounding region must take priority over any calendar dates. It’s important that we retain the flexibility necessary to reconsider troop levels and respond to changes in the security environment should circumstances on the ground warrant. It is my hope that the President will continue to listen to our commanders on the ground as we move forward. Congress will hold the Administration accountable for ensuring that the pace and scope of the drawdown does not undermine the progress we’ve made thus far.
“There is no doubt this conflict has tested the resolve of our nation, and I want to express gratitude to the American people for their faithful commitment to our troops and their mission. As this operation enters its next phase, it is imperative that our Commander-in-Chief continues to explain why seeing it through to a successful conclusion is vital to our national interests. Lastly, I want to reiterate how much we appreciate the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform, our diplomats, and their families are making every day. We can never forget their service to our country”

Jon Huntsman
Former US Ambassador to China and 2012 Presidential hopeful Huntsman released a statement ahead of the President's speech calling for a steeper troop withdrawl from Afghanistan.

Tim Pawlenty
Tim Pawlenty said that the President had gone too far and said that America has to end the war responsibly.

“He said we need to end the war, quote unquote, responsibly. When America goes to war, America needs to win,”

Mitt Romney

“This decision should not be based on politics or economics. America’s brave men and women in uniform have fought to achieve significant progress in Afghanistan, some having paid the ultimate price. I look forward to hearing the testimony of our military commanders in the days ahead.”

John Bolton - Former UN Ambassador

“We wouldn’t even be here today had it not been for the president himself setting this arbitrary 18-month timeframe when he announced the surge in December 2009,”
“He needs to appease the left wing of his own party, which he has done, but he needs to avoid a debacle on the battlefield before November 2012.”

Ron Paul
Ron Paul issued an email statement via his spokesman Jesse Benton

“This move is too little, too late. When candidate Obama was running for the presidency, he campaigned largely on bringing our troops home, yet we are not only still in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’ve expanded into Libya, Yemen, and Pakistan. Despite this purely political move, there will still be thousands of American soldiers in harm’s way by the end of this drawdown.”

Herman Cain

“President Obama’s statement tonight is a stark reminder that while one might campaign in poetry, one must govern in prose,”

Gary Johnson - New Mexico Governor

"not acceptable to the growing number of Americans, like me, who get the reality that there is no compelling reason to risk another life or another dollar in a conflict that has no end"
“Thanks to our quick and totally justified action in 2001, al Qaeda essentially left Afghanistan nine years ago, We should have done the same.”

Robert Kagan - Former adviser to John McCain

“This is a political decision, not a military decision. Americans are tired of this war, that’s true. But they hate losing more, and if there’s the perception that we’re being run out of there, the public will turn on him fast.”


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