Bharatpur district

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Bharatpur is a district in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Assembly Constituencies

Bharatpur district has 7 assembly constituencies. The following is the list of assembly constituencies and the regions they comprise of.


1. Tehsil Kaman 2. Tehsil Pahari


1. Tehsil Nagar 2. Tehsil Deeg (Partly) – (I) ILRC Khoh (II) ILRCPasta (III) ILRC Bedham (IV) ILRC Januthar


1. Tehsil Kumher 2. Tehsil Deeg (Partly) – (I) ILRC Deeg includingMunicipal Board Deeg (II) ILRC Kasot (III) ILRC Baroli Chauth (IV)ILRC Sinsini


Tehsil Bharatpur (Partly) – (I) ILRC Bharatpur including MunicipalCouncil Bharatpur (II) ILRC Peepla (III) ILRC Chiksana (IV) ILRCJaghina


1. Tehsil Nadbai 2. Tehsil Bharatpur (Partly) – (I) ILRC Sewarexcluding area of Municipal Council, Bharatpur (II) ILRC Aghapur3. Tehsil Rupbas (Partly) – (I) ILRC Khanuwa (II) ILRC Uchchain

75–Weir (SC)

1. Tehsil Weir 2. Tehsil Bayana (Partly) – (I) ILRC Farso (II) ILRCKhareri

76–Bayana (SC)

1. Tehsil Bayana (Partly) – (I) ILRC Bayana including MunicipalBoard Bayana (II) ILRC Samogar (III) ILRC Mahmadpura (IV) ILRCMilakpur 2. Tehsil Rupbas (Partly) – (I) ILRC Rupbas (II) ILRCKhansurjapur (III) ILRC Rudawal