Chittorgarh district

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Chittorgarh is a district in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Assembly Constituencies

Chittorgarh district has six assembly constituencies. The following is the list of assembly constituencies and the regions they comprise of.


1. Tehsil Kapasan 2. Tehsil Rashmi 3. Tehsil Bhadesar (Partly) –(SC)(I) ILRC Bansen (II) ILRC Bhadsora


1. Tehsil Begun 2. Tehsil Rawatbhata 3. Tehsil Gangrar excludingarea of Municipal Board Chittorgarh


1. Tehsil Chittorgarh 2. Tehsil Gangrar (Partly) – Area of MunicipalBoard Chittorgarh 3. Tehsil Bhadesar (Partly) – (I) ILRC Bhadesar


1. Tehsil Nimbahera 2. Tehsil Chhoti Sadri

171–Bari Sadri

1. Tehsil Bari Sadri 2. Tehsil Dungla 3. Tehsil Bhadesar (Partly) –(I) ILRC Asawara 4. Tehsil Pratapgarh (Partly) – (I) ILRC Deogarh(II) ILRC Dhamotar


1. Tehsil Arnod 2. Tehsil Pratapgarh (Partly) – (I) ILRC Pratapgarh(ST)including Municipal Board Pratapgarh (II) ILRC Panmori (III) ILRCAwaleshwar (IV) ILRC Suhagpura