Congress of Deputies (Spain)

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The Spanish Congress of Deputies is the lower house of the Cortes Generales. It has 350 members. Deputies serve four-year terms. The President of the Congress of Deputies is the analogue to a Speaker and presides over debates in Spain's lower chamber of parliament.

In the Congress, members of the Parliament from the political parties, or groups of parties, form parliamentary groups. Groups must be formed by, at least, five MPs. The MPs belonging to parties who can't create their own parliamentary group shall form the Mixed Group. The composition of the 9th term Congress, to serve no further than 2012.

Current Standings

Political party/group| Leader Spokesperson Dep.
   Socialist Group (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party) Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Prime Minister of Spain) Jose Antonio Alonso 169
   Popular Group (People's Party) Mariano Rajoy (Leader of the opposition) Soraya Saenz 153
   Catalan Group (Convergence and Union) Josep A. Duran i Lleida 10
   Basque Group (Basque Nationalist Party) Josu Erkoreka 6
   Left Group (Republican Left of Catalonia-United Left-Initiative for Catalonia Greens) Gaspar Llamazares 5
   Mixed Group, composed by: BNG, CC, UPyD, NaBai, UPN none Rosa Diez 7