Egyptian Parliamentary Election, 2011

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The Egyptian Parliamentary Elections, 2011 is held from November 28, 2011 - January 10, 2012, following the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, after which the interim military rulers dissolved the parliament of Egypt. The election will be held in three phases with 15-days in between each phase. The exact date of the election would be announced after September 18, 2011.

Voting System

The election to the People's Assembly will be held in three phase.

  • First stage - November 28 & 29, 2011, Run-off on December 5, 2011
  • Second stage - December 14 & 25, 2011, Run-off on December 21, 2011
  • Third stage - January 3 & 4, 2012, Run-off on January 10, 2012

The People's Assembly of Egypt has a total of 508 seats. 498 seats of theme are elected, while 10 seats are appointed by the Military Council and by the President. Out of the 498 seats, two-thirds (332 seats) shall be elected from parties or coalition-lists proportional to the party's showing in 46 districts. Two candidates from 83 districts equaling 166 seats are open to candidates who run as individuals who may or may not be affiliated with political parties. Out of the 166 candidates, half of them must be "professionals", while the other half need to be "workers" or "farmers". If one candidate from the district is allocated to a "professional", the second seat shall be handed to a "worker" or a "farmer".



July 21: Egypt's ruling military council announces the plan for the parliamentary elections. The preparations will begin in September and the vote will be at least 30 days later. The exact date of the parliamentary election will be announced in a press conference after September 18, 2011. The election will be held over three stages, with 15 days between each round. The election would be based on a mixed system combining a party list and single-seat system. According to General Shahin, farmers and workers will have fifty percent of the seats and there is no quota allocated for women. Shaheen made it clear that the military will only provide security during the elections and the judiciary will take care of the monitoring process.

July 4: Egypt's interim Prime Minister Minister Essam Sharaf on a visit to United Arab Emirates hinted that the Egyptian Parliamentary Elections will be held in late September. Essam Sharaf told reporters in Dubai that:

"Until now it's business as usual, the dates will be determined by the referendum. The (parliamentary) election will be in late September and after that, presidential elections,"

February 23: Kamal al-Halbawi, a senior member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is reported to have said that the Muslim Brotherhood will run candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections. 'Freedom and Justice Party' to come up in the next few days. Islamist Al Wasat (Center) Party gets recognition making it one of the competitor from amongst the Islamic community. Reports say Salafi Muslims are in the process of a political party formation.

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