Jhalawar district

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Jhalawar is a district in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Assembly Constituencies

Jhalawar district has 4 assembly constituencies. The following is the list of assembly constituencies and the regions they comprise of.

197–Dag (SC)

1. Tehsil Pachpahar 2. Tehsil Gangdhar.


1. Tehsil Pirawa 2.Tehsil Jhalrapatan (Partly) – (I) ILRCJhalrapatan including Municipal Board Jhalrapatan (II) ILRCSamrai (III) ILRC Jhalawar (Partly) - (i) Municipal Board Jhalawar(ii) PC Durgpura (iii) PC Gindor (iv) PC Kalmandi Kalan (v) PCKhanpuriya (vi) PC Salotiya.


1. Tehsil Khanpur 2. Tehsil Jhalrapatan (Partly) – (I) ILRCMandawar (II) ILRC Ratlai (III) ILRC Salawad (IV) ILRC Bakani (V)ILRC Reechwa (VI) ILRC Jhalawar (Partly) – (i) PC Gagron (ii) PCGovindpura.


1. Tehsil Manohar Thana 2. Tehsil Aklera 3. Tehsil JhalrapatanThana(Partly) – (I) ILRC Asnawar.