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Ganganagar is a district in the state of Chhattisgarh in India.

Assembly Constituencies

Ganganagar district has six assembly constituencies. The following is the list of assembly constituencies and the regions they comprise of.

20. Rampur (ST)

I. Kartala Tehsil and II. Korba Tehsil (Part) – (i) Korba R.I.Circle (except Korba (M), (ii) Bhaisma R.I.Circle (except village Jhhagarha (Urban) of PC 10-Rajgamar, which is a part of Korba MC) Including Rajgamar CT.

21. Korba

JAI SINGH AGRAWAL (JAI SINGH BHAIYYA) of Indian National Congress won the 2013 election

22. Katghora

LAKHAN DEWANGAN of Bharatiya Janata Party won the 2013 election

23.Pali-Tanakhar (ST)

I. Katghora Tehsil (Part) – (i) Passan R.I.Circle, (ii) Podi-Uprora R.I.Circle (except villages Kasaniya (Urban) & Jurali (Urban) of PC 15-Jurali, which are part of Katghora NP Area) and II. Pali Tehsil (Part) – (i) Pali R.I.Circle.