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September 7, 2011

Michele Bachmann believes the United States has an energy reliance problem that threatens our national security, and that as one of the most energy-rich countries in the world, the United States should be pursuing a comprehensive energy policy that features all viable and market-sustaining sources of energy. We simply cannot continue to export trillions of dollars in cash to foreign regimes that seek to do harm to all Americans in exchange for energy resources that in many cases were explored with little environmental regard.

For too long the United States has pursued a parochial and unbalanced energy policy driven more by politics than in the best interest of the nation. A comprehensive strategy would include opening responsible exploration for oil and natural gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the Outer Continental Shelf, respectively, examining nuclear policies to provide regulatory and financing certainty to bring more nuclear reactors online, innovating in the area of renewable fuels, and opposing any taxes or burdensome regulations that will stifle innovation and impede economic growth.

The cost of energy has more effect on the economy than any other sector, as the price impacts every other commodity in commerce. Utilizing our domestic energy resources will create millions of new jobs, allow consumers to save billions of dollars, and bolster our national security.

Legislation Sponsored

Emergency Energy Cut the Red Tape Now Act: To improve access to offshore drilling and oil shale reserves and streamline the refinery process. (111th Congress: H.R. 1813, 110th Congress: H.R. 6463)

Fast Track Shale Act: To improve our ability to access shale oil on federal lands. (111th Congress: H.R. 1810, 110th Congress: H.R. 6715)

Getting Resources Efficiently and Effectively Now Act: To fast track access to American energy sources. (111th Congress: H.R. 1811, 110th Congress: H.R. 6953)

Promoting New American Energy Act: To accelerate tax depreciation for investments in technologies like solar, wind and geothermal. (111th Congress: H.R. 1812, 110th Congress: H.R. 6716)

Legislation Cosponsored that Relates to the Following Energy Issues:

Opening up ANWR and Drilling: (112th Congress: H.R. 49 111th Congress: H.R. 49, H.R. 2828 (Title III Subsection A and B), H.R. 2846 (Title I Subtitle A, B, C, D) 110th Congress: H.R. 3089 (Title IV Subtitle A, B, C), H.R. 6107, H.R. 6108)

Nuclear: (111th Congress: H.R. 2828 (Title III Subsection C), H.R. 2846 (Title IV) 110th Congress: H.R. 3089 (Title III), H.R. 6132, H.R. 6566 (Title III Subtitle C)

Petroleum and Leasing: (112th Congress: H.R. 1229, H.R. 1230, H.R. 1231, H.Res.44, 111th Congress: H.R. 896, H.R. 900, H.R. 5525 110th Congress: H.R. 2279, H.R. 2784, H.R. 3089 (Title I), H.R. 6138, H.R. 6207, H.R. 6211, H.R. 6566 (Title I Subtitle A, B, C)

Renewable Fuels: (111th Congress: H.R. 2846 (Title III Subtitle A, B, C), 110th Congress: H.R. 197, H.R. 550, H.R. 3089 (Title II), H.R. 6566 (Title III Subtitle A, B)

Prohibits a Cap and Trade program: (112th Congress: H.R. 153)

Michele Bachmann is a member of the bipartisan House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus.


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