Shahdol district

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Shahdol is a district in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Assembly Constituencies

Shahdol district has 3 assembly constituencies. The following is the list of assembly constituencies and the regions they comprise of.

83-Beohari (ST)

RAM PAL SINGH of Indian National Congress won the 2013 election


1) Sohagpur No.1, Sohagpur No.2 and Gohparu R. I. Circles of (ST) Sohagpur Tehsil 2) Shahdol (M)-MUN 3) 11.Dewara-II, 12.Jaisinghnagar, 15.Chandela, 16.Kubra, 17.Darodi and 18.Chitraw Patwari Circles of Jaisinghnagar -R.I. Circle of Jaisinghnagar Tehsil and 4) Jaisinghnagar (NP)-NPT.

85-Jaitpur (ST)

1) Jaitpur Tehsil, 2) Burhar R. I. CircleofSohagpur Tehsil, 3) Burhar (NP)-NPT and 4) Dhanpuri Nargada Hari Dafai (M)-MUN.