Team Bachmann Announces Tennessee Finance Chairman

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July 21, 2011

Alexandria, Va. - Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced today that Bill Hemrick of Franklin, Tenn. will serve as the campaign’s Finance Chairman for the Volunteer State.

“I’m delighted that Bill has joined our team,” said Bachmann. “His credentials as an entrepreneur are second to none, his devotion to conservative principles is unrivaled, and Bill's commitment to ensure a strong America for generations to come makes him the right man for our team in Tennessee.”

Bill is the founder of the highly successful Upper Deck trading card company, and a Purple Heart recipient from his service in the Vietnam War. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to preserving the economic principles for which the United States was created led Bill to begin the National Fiscal Conservative PAC (NFC-PAC) – an organization established to promote fiscally conservative candidates. Further, Bill co-founded TeaPartyHD – a TV and Internet network that brings news for and by “We the People” to all Americans.

“Michele is the only conservative candidate that gives a voice to the American people. And that voice is shouting for a better path to a more prosperous financial future for our great nation,“ said Hemrick. “She has the experience and the dedication to turn this country around, and I’m honored to serve as her Tennessee Finance Chairman.”


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