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Rick Perry

Romney & Obama: Carbon Copies

October 6, 2011: Rick Perry releases a video saying 'Mitt Romney and President Obama are carbon copies when it comes to environmental policies.'


Mitt Romney

Mitt on the Road: Iowa State Fair

Each year, the Iowa State Fair draws thousands of visitors to its many attractions. Mitt walked the fairgrounds Thursday, greeting voters and delivering a fiery speech from the soapbox
August 13, 2011


Michele Bachmann


Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann discusses why she will not vote to raise the debt ceiling.
July 19, 2011. <videoflash>Q082UbDIxdw</videoflash>


Michele Bachmann airs her first television commercial of her 2012 Presidential Campaign. The 30-second spot is titled "Waterloo". The video is produced by Strategy Group Media and it features Bachmann talking about growing up in Waterloo, her five children and foster children.


Believe It

Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann says "no" to raising the debt ceiling and the job killing policies of Barack Obama.
August 2, 2011.


Thaddeus McCotter

Struggling Obama-Romney economy

Thaddeus McCotter says, "The Obama-Romney economy is failing. Obama and Romney are less rivals than they are running mates."


Barack Obama

Obama 2012 Campaign: Q2 Fundraising Results

In this video, Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina gives a preview of our fundraising results from the second quarter; what we've raised, what we've spent, and what's next.


Tim Pawlenty

The Only Candidate

July 21, 2011: Tim Pawlenty releases a television commercial titled 'The Only Candidate', his second in two days.


The American Comeback

July 20, 2011: Tim Pawlenty releases a television commercial titled 'The American Comeback'


Aspirations of a President

Tim Pawlenty and his wife, Mary, talks about their religious faith.


Ron Paul

Conviction, Not Compromise!

GOP 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul releases his first television ad.


Richard Lugar

The President Doesn't Understand Job Growth

First television commercial of Richard Lugar who is seeking a re-election bid for US senate seat from Indiana.


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