United States House of Representatives Elections in Oregon, 2012

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The 2012 United States House of Representatives elections in Oregon will take place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Election is to elect the five U.S. Representatives from the state of Oregon. After the 2010 United States Census the state saw some redistricting. Downtown Portland is moved from District 1 to District 3. The members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly reached an agreement on June 29, 2011 on the congressional redistricting.

District 1

Incumbent Democrat David Wu is representing District 1 in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1999. David Wu, however, announced that he is not seeking re-election after facing allegations of an unwanted sexual encounter with a teenage girl and campaign donor.

Democrat Primaries

  • Brad Avakian, the state Commissioner of Labor and Industries
  • Brad Witt - state representative
  • Suzanne Bonamici - state senator
  • Elizabeth Furse - former U.S. Representative
  • Greg Macpherson - former state representative

Republican Primaries

  • Rob Cornilles
  • Rob Miller - Businessman



July 25: David Wu's communications director tells CNN that David Wu will not seek re-election in 2012 election. "He will consider those options and make a decision in due course," said Erik Dorey on whether to serve the rest of his term.

District 2

Incumbent Republican Greg Walden has been representing the 2nd congressional district since 1998.

District 3

Incumbent Democrat Earl Blumenauer has been representing 3rd district since 1996. In June 2011, he announced that he was raising funds for a possible re-election though he has not made up his mind yet.

District 4

Incumbent Democrat Peter DeFazio, has being a U.S. House of Representative since 1987.

Democratic Primaries

  • Peter DeFazio

Republican Primaries

  • Art Robinson

District 5

Democratic incumbent Kurt Schrader will seek a re-election in 2012.

Democratic Primaries

  • Kurt Schrader

Republican Primaries

  • Scott Bruun - former state representative

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