United States Senate Elections, 2012

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United States Senate
United States Senate Elections, 2012
November 6, 2012
Class I (33 of the 100) seats in the United States Senate
51 seats needed for a majority


Senate Seats up for election:
  Democratic incumbent
  Retiring Democrat
  Independent incumbent
  Retiring Independent
  Republican incumbent
  Retiring Republican
  No Senate election

The United States Senate Elections, 2012 was held on November 6, 2012.

Elections were held for 33 out of 100 senate seats. The winners of the election will serve a six-year term from January 3, 2013 till January 3, 2019. Special elections will also be held to fill the vacancies during the 112th United States Congress. Seats of 23 Democrats including 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats and 10 Republicans are up for the 2012 Senate Elections. The United States Senate has currently 53 senators from the Democratic Caucus and 47 from the Republican Conference.

Elections for United States Presidential Election, 2012, House of Representatives and elections for Governors for 13 states and territories will be also be held on the same day.

Democrats regained control of the Senate with a strength of 53 senators compared to Republicans 45 after the election

Senate seats up for Election


Incumbent: Jon Kyl Republican
Announced Candidates: Jeff Flake Republican, Doug McKee Republican

In February 2011, Jon Kyl has announced that he will not seek another term at the senate at the end of his third term. His term concludes on January 3, 2013. He ruled out running for further office, except if he is offered the Vice-Presidency.


Incumbent: Dianne Feinstein Democrat
Announced Candidates: Dianne Feinstein Democrat, Keith Holbrook Republican, Michael Stollaire Republican, Don Grundmann (AIP)

Dianne Feinstein was first elected to the senate on November 3, 1992 and was again reelected in 1994, 2000 and 2006.


Incumbent: Joe Lieberman (Independent)
Announced Candidates: Susan Bysiewicz Democrat, Chris Murphy Democrat, William Tong Democrat, Brian Hill Republican, Paul Passarelli (L)

On January 19, 2011 Joe Lieberman announced that he will not seek a fifth term in the 2012 senate election.


Incumbent: Tom Carper Democrat
Announced Candidates: Tom Carper Democrat

Tom Carper was first elected to the senate in 2000 and was reelected in 2006. On November 18, 2010 Tom Carper hinted that he will seek a third term in the 2012 senate elections.


Incumbent: Bill Nelson Democrat
Announced Candidates: Bill Fisher Jr. Republican, Alexander George Republican, Adam Hasner Republican, George LeMieux Republican, Mike McCalister Republican, Craig Miller Republican, Ron Rushing Republican

Bill Nelson was first elected to the Florida senate seat in 2000 which was vacated by retiring Republican Senator Connie Mack. He was re-elected in 2006. He will seek a third-term in the 2012 senates election.


Incumbent: Daniel Akaka Democrat
Announced Candidates: Ed Case Democrat, Mazie Hirono Democrat

On March 2, 2011 Daniel Akaka announced that he will not seek for a fourth term. Daniel Akaka was first elected to the senate in April 1990 and was served three terms.


Incumbent: Richard Lugar Republican
Announced Candidates: Richard Mourdock Republican, Joe Donnelly Democrat

Richard Lugar was first elected to the senate in 1977. He was reelected in 1982, 1988, 1994, in 2000, and in 2006. He is currently the third most senior senator and the most senior Republican member of the Senate.


Incumbent: Olympia Snowe Republican
Announced Candidates: Olympia Snowe Republican, Scott D'Amboise Republican, Andrew Ian Dodge Republican

Olympia Snowe was elected to the Maine senate seat in 1994, the first time since 1954 when the Republicans capture both the House and Senate. She was reelected in 2000 defeating Mark Lawrence. She was reelected to a third term in 2006 with a reported 73.99% of votes. She has never lost an election in 35 years as an elected official.


Incumbent: Ben Cardin Democrat
Announced Candidates: Ben Cardin Democrat, Raymond Blagmon Democrat, Daniel Bongino Republican, William Capps Republican, Rick Hoover Republican, Eric Wargotz Republican

Ben Cardin was elected to the US Senate on November 7, 2006 defeating Michael Steele Republican.


Elizabeth Warren Democrat has defeated incumbent Scott Brown Republican to win the US Senate seat from Massachusetts.

After the death of Ted Kennedy, Scott Brown won the US Senate seat from Massachusetts on February 4, 2010.


Incumbent: Debbie Stabenow Democrat
Announced Candidates: Debbie Stabenow Democrat, Chad Dewey Republican, Randy Hekman Republican, Peter Konetchy Republican

Debbie Stabenow was elected to the US Senate in the 2000 election becoming the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Michigan. She was reelected to the senate in the 2006 election defeating Michael Bouchard.


Incumbent: Amy Klobuchar Democrat
Announced Candidates: Amy Klobuchar Democrat, Dick Franson Democrat, Dan Severson Republican

Amy Klobuchar was first elected to the US Senate from Minnesota in 2006.


Incumbent: Roger Wicker Republican
Announced Candidates: Roger Wicker Republican

Roger Wicker was elected to the US senate from Mississippi on December 31, 2007.


Incumbent: Claire McCaskill Democrat
Announced Candidates: Claire McCaskill Democrat, Todd Akin Republican, Samuel Lipari Democrat, Sarah Steelman Republican

Claire McCaskill was elected to the US Senate on November 8, 2006 becoming the first woman from Missouri to get elected.


Incumbent: Jon Tester Democrat
Announced Candidates: Jon Tester Democrat, Denny Rehberg Republican

Jon Tester was elected to the US Senate from Montana on November 8, 2006.


Incumbent: Ben Nelson Democrat
Announced Candidates: Ben Nelson Democrat, Jon Bruning Republican, Pat Flynn Republican, Don Stenberg Republican, Russell Anderson (I)

Ben Nelson first contested to the US Senate in 1996 when fellow Democrat Jim Exon retired, which he lost Republican Chuck Hagel. He was first elected to the US senate in 2000. He was later re-elected in 2006. On July 1, 2010 Ben Nelson announced that he will run for a third term in the 2012 election.


Incumbent: Dean Heller Republican
Announced Candidates: Dean Heller Republican, Jeff Boss Democrat, Joe Kyrillos Republican, Ian Linker Republican, Larry Donahue (I)

New Jersey

Incumbent: Bob Menendez Democrat
Announced Candidates: Bob Menendez Democrat, Jeff Boss Democrat, Joe Kyrillos Republican, Ian Linker Republican, Larry Donahue (I)

New Mexico

Incumbent: Jeff Bingaman Democrat
Announced Candidates: Hector Balderas Democrat, Martin Heinrich Democrat, Andres Valdez Democrat, Bill English Republican, John Sanchez Republican, Greg Sowards Republican, Heather Wilson Republican

New York

Incumbent: Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat
Announced Candidates: Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat, Scott Noren Democrat, George Maragos Republican

North Dakota

Incumbent: Kent Conrad Democrat
Announced Candidates: Rick Berg Republican


Incumbent: Sherrod Brown Democrat
Announced Candidates: Sherrod Brown Democrat, Rusty Bliss Republican, Kevin Coughlin Republican, Eric LaMont Gregory Republican, Michael Pryce Republican


Incumbent: Bob Casey, Jr. Democrat
Announced Candidates: Bob Casey, Jr. Democrat, Laureen Cummings Republican, Marc Scaringi Republican

Rhode Island

Incumbent: Sheldon Whitehouse Democrat
Announced Candidates: Sheldon Whitehouse Democrat, Barry Hinckley Republican


Incumbent: Bob Corker Republican
Announced Candidates: Bob Corker Republican, James Durkan Republican


Incumbent: Kay Bailey Hutchison Republican
Announced Candidates: Glenn Addison Republican, David Dewhurst Republican, Elizabeth Ames Jones Republican, Andrew Castanuela Republican, Ted Cruz Republican, Nick Latham, Tom Leppert Republican, Lela Pittenger Republican, David Smith Republican, Stanley Garza Democrat, Sean Hubbard Democrat, Chris Tina Foxx Bruce (I)


Incumbent: Orrin Hatch Republican
Announced Candidates: Orrin Hatch Republican, Jason Chaffetz Republican, Christopher Stout Democrat


Incumbent: Bernie Sanders (I)
Announced Candidates: Bernie Sanders (I), Cris Ericson (MJP)


Incumbent: Jim Webb Democrat
Announced Candidates: Tim Kaine Democrat, Courtney Lynch Democrat, George Allen Republican, Tim Donner Republican, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. Republican, David McCormick Republican, Jamie Radtke Republican, Kevin Chisholm (I)

Jim Webb has announced that he is retiring.


Incumbent: Maria Cantwell Democrat
Announced Candidates: Maria Cantwell Democrat

West Virginia

Incumbent: Joe Manchin Democrat
Announced Candidates: Joe Manchin Democrat


Incumbent: Herb Kohl Democrat
Announced Candidates: John Schiess Republican


Incumbent: John Barrasso Republican
Announced Candidates: John Barrasso Republican

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