Venezuelan Presidential Election, 2012

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The next Presidential Election in Venezuela will be held in late 2012. The Presidential election will be held concurrently with regional elections for Governors and Mayors.


  • Hugo Chavez: Incumbent President and founder of United Socialist Party of Venezuela has announced that he is seeking re-election for a third-term at a rally in Caracas in November 2010.
  • Mesa de la Unidad Democratica: Electoral coalition of Venezuelan political parties. It was formed in January 2008 to unite the opposition to President Hugo Chavez in the 2010 Parliamentary elections. The coalition will select their presidential candidate through Primaries that will be held on February 12, 2011 by National Electoral Council.



July 29: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez celebrates his 57th birthday. He vows to stay in power for at least two more decades. “I invite you all to celebrate my 77th. I had said I’d leave in 2021. Well, I’m not going away in 2021 or anything. Maybe in 2031.” “And next year, we will win the presidential elections once again! Strength, unity!” Chavez said. “We’re going for 10 million votes next year!”

July 15: Hugo Chavez vows to win the election in 2012. “I think my sudden and grave, well, delicate illness has been a test. What I smell in the revolutionary ranks is more unity in the government, commitment.”, Chavez said. The President said that his struggle with cancer will help strengthen his political movement. “This revolution is continuing onward... and I will remain at the front. I don’t have any doubt that I’m going to be the candidate, and I don’t have any doubt that the people are going to re-elect me president from 2013 to 2019.”

July 19: President Hugo Chavez will seek a third term in the 2012 Presidential election despite his struggle with cancer, according to an aide. “There’s no doubt he’s going to be there in the 2012 elections, and afterward for many more years,” said Finance Minister Jorge Giordani in an interview on state television.